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Different seasons produce different kinds of flowers and therefore different kinds of honey. Spring honey looks and taste different from the honey produced in autumn. The first is light in colour while the later is thick and dark.                               

honey varieties

Nepal is a country which possesses one of the world's highest concentration and distribution of bio-diversity including the highest floral habitat of the world. The  beekeeping shop  has preserved  the  the flavour of nature with different range of honey.                               

The flavour of nature with different range of honey.  
  • Mixed flower Honey,
  • Mustard Honey (Rape Honey)
  • Rudilo Honey (Pogestemon)
  • Churi Honey (Indian Butter Tree)
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Litchi Honey
  • Citrus Honey
  • Sisoo Honey


Honey Varieties
The beekeeping shop offeres the wide range of honeys. The floral sources and time of harvest are mentioned on the label, which offers buyers the opportunity to find out the differents characteristic in coulur and texture.                               
Honey Varieties