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Honey Quality
The Beekeeping Shop for Honey Quality Analysis
We know that one single bee flies  equivalent of rounding the earth three times and visit some one million flowers in order to produce one pound of honey. We believe consumers have the right to taste this real flavour of nature. The beekeeping shop laboratory aims to ensure that nothing interfares between this state - of - art and the consumers and that this purity is of premium quality.


In our laboratory we follow the codex standard along with the know-how of international authorities of honey analysis and research, every day we focus to improve our competence at the quality control of honey . This is how we keep up to serve for assurance of the quality of honey we bring out to our customers.
Our Lab mainly concentrates on the following parameters:


  • Physical Acidic Indications (such as HMF, Genaral Acidity etc.)
  • Sugar Content's Chemical Indications (such as sucrose, invert sugar, etc.)
  • General Physical Indications (such as moisture, refractive index, conductivity,  pH, etc.)
  • Analysis of Residues (Pollen source, cane sugar cells and particle, Starch grains, etc.)
  • Analysis of enzymes (peroxide activity-glucose oxidase, diastase etc.)










Honey Quality
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